Happy Birthday to this outstanding Lady! Wish you all the best, and more birthdays to come! At sana matuloy na mga lakad natin! XD asar! Missyou @_angelduran happy happy birthday! :P

Stretching??? Wahahahaha! :)) @miyonise #sorrynotsorry #girls

Dinner time! :)))

Simca of Air Gear :)) fail yung kamay XD #tryinghard

Erza Scarlet <3 Try lang :)) #tryinghard XD

What is Love? What is Joy?

LoveJoy :))) @lovejorjy

Goodmorning! Nature is love! Morning view! :)) #nofilter

Mainit sa pinas! Blue light! :)) blue room! XD summer taginit :O

Balls made by me! :)) haha, boooring ehh! #dahon

Morning face! XD

Ready to be used again! :O yeahhh……

Puppy Love! :P

Baby me XD bat ang cute ko dati! :((

Throwback, elementary days! XD with @adrianagcaoili and and @numero_juan

Throwback, totoy days :P with @miyonise

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